Beginner Foot Launch Training

Leading Edge PPG focuses on providing a thorough course of instruction, small class sizes, high-quality equipment provided for training, and a safe environment to learn.

Courses typically take 7-10 days to complete to become a confident and safe pilot ready to fly on your own.

We can’t wait to share the joy of personal flight with you!

What is Covered During Training?

The training course focuses on a mix of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. There is a lot more than simply skill involved in being a paramotor pilot.

The course trains to a USPPA PPG2 level, up to 25 flights under instructor supervision and Leading Edge PPG provides all the equipment. No need to purchase any gear until you are already flying and can make an informed purchasing decision with the assistance of an experienced instructor.

Ground School Classroom Sessions:

Over the course of training, we’ll have about 20 hours of ground school, post-flight video debriefs, and time for discussions and questions.

  • Regulations
  • Weather
  • Wing Design
  • Motor Maintenance
  • Theory of First Flights
  • Airspace
  • Safety

Practical Skill Building Modules:

Our proven building blocks method breaks down the steps to learning how to fly into small segments that gradually incorporate the skills learned in each previous step to work up to flying proficiently.

  • Kiting (ground handling)
  • Instructional Tandem Flight
  • Motor Simulation
  • Throttle Control
  • Posture Exercise
  • Towing
  • Taxi Practice
  • Flying

What are we Accomplishing in Training?

We work through several steps to best prepare you for flight. Once you are flying, you will be under radio instruction. As you continue to get multiple flights, you develop more skills toward becoming a proficient solo pilot. The instructors will have less active coaching they have to give as your skills develop. The ultimate goal is for you to set up, launch, fly, and land safely with the instructor watching but not needing to give directions. For most people, that happens somewhere between 12 and 30 flights.


Full Foot Launch Paramotor Training


A $750 deposit secures your spot in one of our monthly training courses.
The remaining $2250 is due on the first day of your selected course.

Included in the Course

  • All training equipment provided
  • Comprehensive ground school geared to a USPPA PPG2 level paramotor pilot
  • Instructional tandem flights
  • Tow winch flight to practice launch and landing with no motor
  • Motor on flight simulation and motor posture lean back exercises
  • Tips and tricks learned over years of experience
  • Ongoing support following training


Our primary training location is in Three Rivers, Michigan located on the south west side of the state.

The field we use is the designated ultralight field to the west of Three Rivers Municipal Airport (KHAI), right next to the Phantom Aeronautics hangar.

Training Schedule

We are now booking our summer training classes in Michigan!

September 7-16, 2023
Last foot launch training course of the season with available spots!

We are proud to have successfully trained hundreds of students to fly solo and be confident in their skills.

Justin and Alexis are both certified USPPA Instructors and adhere to the high standards of training established by the USPPA.

Not Able to Attend a Full Course?

Not a ProblEm!

Split up Your Training

The second best option to attending a full course is to split up your training into a few segments. Students progress best with this method if they can first dedicate 4-5 full days to training to establish a good foundation of skills. Following that, returning for 2 -3 segments of time to continue flying and honing skills.

We can come to you

We are set up to bring everything required to train your group in your local area so that you get the same training experience but closer to home. We have trained in multiple locations including Michigan, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, and more! This training may be subject to travel expense fees and student minimums.


Have any Questions?

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  • (833) MUST-PPG
    (833) 687-8774

What People Are Saying

  • “Fantastic personalized training. I’m a retired airline pilot and their program was as good or better than any other that I’ve had. I felt totally confident at the completion of training and purchased my own paraglider trike after finishing the course. I know it’s not required to get formal training to fly an ultralight, but this is so worthwhile. Go – get trained – and go fly. You won’t regret it or your training here!”

    - Rob Bosma

    Paramotor Trike Pilot, Kentucky

  • “This has been the best experience ever. I have learned a lot working with both Justin and Alexis. If anyone is wanting to get into paramotoring this is the best place to go. I highly recommended anyone to check them out.”



  • “Justin and Alexis are phenomenal instructors! Their goal is to see that all of their students succeed. They adjust to each student’s learning style and needs. They are leaders in the industry and will provide you with top-notch training.”