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Our primary training location is in Three Rivers, Michigan located on the southwest corner of Michigan. The southwest portion of Michigan has an amazing community of pilots and wonderful flying conditions during the main flying season

We spend most of our summer months at our home location in Michigan training when the weather is best for students to learn. During the winter, we relocate to warmer and more stable weather areas. We have trained all over the country including in Michigan, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and more.

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Home Training Field:

Three Rivers Airport
Ultralight Field (KHAI)

2010 Hov Aire Drive
Three Rivers, MI 49093

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Who are you talking to?

Justin and Alexis run Leading Edge PPG.

We are passionate about paramotor flying and the enjoyment that it brings. To us, paramotoring is the “dirt bike in the sky” and the closest thing you can get to what we imagined as children; running around, arms out, imagining soaring over treetops with the wind in our faces. Paramotoring is the perfect balance of sport and aviation that satisfies the urges to explore, sight-see, adventure, and enjoy a perspective of the world few others will ever experience.

We have been training for years and have trained hundreds of paramotor pilots. Some of these pilots become our close friends all over the country after sharing this special journey and activity.

When we are not training, we are working in the shop repairing & servicing motors, doing glider inspections & repairs, building paramotor gear, or traveling to share paramotoring at Air Shows, Fly-Ins, and other events around the world.