Repair and Services

We are your full-service repair resource.

Motor Maintenance, Frame Repair, Glider Inspections, Glider Repair


Motor and Frame Repair & Maintenance

Justin has a background in TIG welding and has been called the “motor whisperer.” He has built around 60 paramotor frames under his personal brand, SkyFox Paramotors. Many of these you’ll see flying at Michigan gatherings.


Glider Inspection & Repair

Alexis learned the art of glider inspection and repair from Elisabeth Guerin of ParaTour. Returning gliders to fantastic condition and getting pilots back to flying with minimal wait time is a priority.


Motor Maintenance

$60 /Hour + Parts

We can perform 100-hour services, parts replacement, tuning, etc.

Frame Repair

Starting at $250

Glider Inspection

Starting at $275

Glider Repair

$60 /Hour + Materials

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What people are Saying

  • “Thanks to Justin and Alexis helped me get my motor running. It’s nice to have someonein my state who can diagnose and fix paramotors. I can’t say enough for this team I have trusted Justin to take my daughter on several tandem flights. One stop shop, great gear, training and they never stop helping pilots fly, can contact them for anything. Thanks again.”

    - Justin Troll

  • “I needed my Parajet frame welded, and Justin did an amazing job! If you need anything done to your Paramotor frame, don’t hesitate to give Leading Edge PPG a call. Justin and Alexis are great to work with!”

    - Warren Zendano