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Get into the air with confidence!

Paramotor flight is the most affordable form of power aviation, and among the most pure way to fly like a bird.

All of our training courses focus on developing a mix of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. There is a lot more than simply practical skill involved in being a paramotor pilot.

The beginner course includes about 20 hours of ground school covering regulations, airspace, weather, motor maintenance, glider design, safety, and first flights. Out on the field, you are brought through a building blocks system starting with a tandem flight, controlling the glider, motor simulation, lean backs, glider towing, and taxi practice all leading up to first pilot solo flights.

We have multiple training options including both foot launch and trike training, beginner to intermediate training, and multiple scheduling options to best suit your needs.

Other Services

Keep your gear in tip top shape!

Leading Edge PPG is a full-service paramotor repair resource. Between frame repair, motor maintenance & repair, to glider inspections & repair, we’ve got you covered!


Where to Find Us!

Our primary training location is in Three Rivers, Michigan located on the southwest corner of Michigan. The southwest portion of Michigan has an amazing community of pilots and wonderful flying conditions during the main flying season.

We do our outside practical skill training at the designated ultralight field to the west of Three Rivers Municipal Airport (KHAI) next to the Phantom Aeronautics hangar.

In addition to training at our base in Michigan, we have trained in many other locations to serve the paramotor community! These locations include Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Alabama, and North Carolina.

Not able to make it to Michigan? We can come to you! We are set up to bring everything required to train your group in your local area so that you get the same training experience but closer to home. Contact us for more details.

Meet the team dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of flight!

Justin Fox

Justin has had a passion for aviation since a young age and started with flying airplanes. Later he fell in love with the open and free form of powered flight we get to enjoy with paramotors. He has been flying paramotors since 2014. After starting to fly paramotors, Justin went on to become a USPPA Certified Instructor and was formerly co-owner of FlyMi PPG. He opened Leading Edge PPG in January 2022. His passion is to promote fun, safe growth, and preserve this amazing sport.

Alexis Quintana

Alexis grew up in Colorado and spent 6 years working in aviation. During that time she got her FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certificate and started learning to fly airplanes. After discovering paramotors, she moved to Texas to learn to fly these amazing ultralights and worked for two years as an intern to become a USPPA Certified Instructor. She joined forces with Justin after moving north to start Leading Edge PPG in January 2022.

How we give back to the community.

Justin and Alexis are passionate about preserving the sport and the freedoms we currently enjoy flying paramotors in the US. They also want to help ensure that the future of paramotoring is safe with through training, quality equipment, and managed regulation.

Justin is currently serving as an Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft Councilman with the EAA and is Chairman for paramotors within this council. His position gives a voice to paramotor pilots in the country within the larger aviation community that EAA protects and serves. Throughout the year, he contributes to discussions regarding ultralight aircraft and paramotors regarding regulation and progression. During EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the largest airshow in the world, you will find him giving daily morning briefings for the ultralight field, working at the ultralight field during paramotor & ultralight aircraft operations, and flying as a performer with the Airythmia Paramotor Demonstration Team.

Alexis is currently serving as the Vice President for the United States Powered Paragliding Association helping advance the direction of the organization as it works to provide more value to paramotor pilots in the US. The USPPA mission is to preserve, promote, and enhance the sport of powered paragliding by offering standardization of skills with pilot ratings, educational resources, a source to find quality certified instructors, serve as the paramotor community liaison to the FAA, and more.

Leading Edge PPG is proud to be one of the six training schools of the Airythmia paramotor demonstration team. Justin and Alexis are both performers on the team that has performed at AirVenture Oshkosh in Wisconsin, the Greenwood Lake Airshow in New Jersey, and Sun ‘n Fun in Florida.

The Airythmia team’s mission is to share the sport of paramotoring and showcase how people of all ages, genders, and capabilities can enjoy this amazing form of flight. The team loves chatting with people interested in paramotoring, showing off our gear, and putting on formation flight demonstrations with lights and smoke!