Advanced Training

Leading Edge PPG focuses on providing a thorough course of instruction, small class sizes, high-quality equipment provided for training, and a safe environment to learn.

We can’t wait to share the joy of personal flight with you!

What is Covered During Training?

This type of training is completely customizable to your needs!

Whatever your flying goals are, we are here to help you reach them.

  • Build more confidence in your flying
  • Take recurrent training after a break
  • Unlock new skills like crosswind take offs & landings or foot dragging
  • Earn advanced certifications like PPG, etc.

We adjust your course to your experience level and needs to assist you in progressing safety so you go home with a boost of confidence and more skill!

Advanced Skills Training

$150 per session (a session is a morning or evening)

Gear is available for rent at:

  • $50 per session for foot launch
  • $75 per session for trike

$300 deposit (2 sessions) required at the time of booking

What to Expect:

  • Personalized training experience
  • Small class sizes
  • Helmets and radios for training communication provided
  • Video debrief to assess performance
  • Rental gear available
  • Have a blast while learning
  • No fees for weathered out sessions
  • 2 to 10 or more sessions of individualized training (you choose how many sessions you want)


  • Have had at least 25 solo flights
  • Have a positive and receptive learning attitude
  • Be able to apply basic risk analysis skills to your flying


Our primary training location is in Three Rivers, Michigan located on the south west side of the state.

The field we use is the designated ultralight field to the west of Three Rivers Municipal Airport (KHAI), right next to the Phantom Aeronautics hangar.

We are proud to have successfully trained hundreds of students to fly solo and be confident in their skills.

Justin and Alexis are both certified USPPA Instructors and adhere to the high standards of training established by the USPPA.

Have any Questions?

Reach out to Us!



  • (833) MUST-PPG
    (833) 687-8774

What People Are Saying

  • “After training with another school in Michigan whose instruction was subpar at best, I contacted Justin and Alexis to see what they could do to help me get in the air with confidence. A little over a week later I was on the field with them, and within days I was flying solo! “Get quality instruction first” is a mantra in PPG, and I’m telling you from experience that Leading Edge PPG is high quality instruction!”

    - Mikey Courington

    Paramotor Trike Pilot, Michigan

  • “Fantastic personalized training. I’m a retired airline pilot and their program was as good or better than any other that I’ve had. I felt totally confident at the completion of training and purchased my own paraglider trike after finishing the course. I know it’s not required to get formal training to fly an ultralight, but this is so worthwhile. Go – get trained – and go fly. You won’t regret it or your training here!”

    - Rob Bosma

    Paramotor Trike Pilot, Kentucky

  • “Justin and Alexis are phenomenal instructors! Their goal is to see that all of their students succeed. They adjust to each student’s learning style and needs. They are leaders in the industry and will provide you with top-notch training.”